Harmony Church’s Strategic Plan (2014-2019)

To clarify our vision and reframe how we will accomplish what God has called us to do, Harmony Church is outlining a 5-year strategic plan. This plan will very clearly state our calling, our goals, and our strategies for accomplishing these goals over the next five years. It is intended to be a working document (changes can occur as needed), because it is a guide that continually points us back to the vision that has been clearly defined by the Holy Spirit. As you read and assess this plan, remember that you are called to be (or become) a participant in the process.

Vision / Purpose

This is the vision set forth by our pastor. As he has spent much time in prayer and thought, this is how God is directing his heart for our distinctive purpose as believers in Southeast Fresno. This vision is based on Acts 2.

The purpose of Harmony Church is to make disciples through worshipping God together in community, studying the Bible responsibly, sharing our faith with others, and engaging in Christ-centered relationships.

You will notice that each of the bold words outlined in our purpose statement are action words. We are to be people of action in our community, rather than people without a purpose or cause. We invite you to join in that action as we seek to serve our community and each other.

Harmony’s Distinctives

You may be surprised to note that Harmony Church has gone through several transformations in its decades of existence. There have been defining moments and there have been times forgotten; however, as we move forward into a new era, it is important that we keep in mind what Harmony Church looks like today. What do we do well? What sets us apart? What are some areas of improvement? As we answer these questions, we will start to understand more clearly how we can help shape our community as Christ-followers.

    What is going well at Harmony Church?

-We are a welcoming church
-We have a solid children’s ministry
-We have variety in our sound and comprehensive Bible teaching
-We have a good music program
-We have diverse leadership
-We have people with a great willingness to serve and they are placed within areas of ministry
-We have an exciting teen ministry
-We answer the strong call to regular evangelism
-We participate in multi-lingual and multi-ethnic ministries

    What are areas of growth for Harmony Church?

-We need to develop wisdom and tact in the speech of our members
-We need to help and develop our young adult ministry (including young married couples)
-We need better communication and coordination between ministries
-We need more practical community involvement and resourcing to help our involvement grow
-We need to encourage members with close-minded attitudes and hearts to seek the Spirit for personal growth
-We need to get people better connected within a ministry that fits their strengths
-We need more mature leaders who can be flexible in ministry
-We need to work on teaching better conflict resolution techniques to our members
-We need to develop mentoring and counseling opportunities for our members

    What makes Harmony Church distinct within Southeast Fresno?

-We care for our community with love
-We encourage biblical and evangelistic instruction
-We provide opportunities for people to find salvation and a relationship with Jesus Christ
-We have a strong sense of family and community
-We have an active bus ministry
-We have a central location that shares the light of Christ in the middle of Southeast Fresno

    What does the Southeast Fresno community surrounding Harmony Church look like?

-Our community mostly comprised of family and friends
-Our community has a high percentage of people of low socio-economic status and/or are unemployed and uneducated
-Our community is multi-racial and multi-lingual, which contributes greatly to our congregation
-Our community has a high percentage of families of broken homes, single mothers, and children in foster care
-Our community is very familiar with substance abuse and a high crime rate
-Our community has a large homeless population within or near our church property
-Our community is responsive to assistance and care of their needs

Harmony’s Goals

Now that we have a framework that describes our distinctives, it is important to consider our goals for the next five years. What do we plan to accomplish in these next five years and how will we actually get these things done? It will take input from the entire congregation, but these are the goals that have been distilled and worked through by our church’s leadership team.
-To teach people to actively engage in worshipping Jesus
-To get people serious about actively engaging in sharing their faith
-To build relationships in a way that keeps people accountable
-To get people serious about studying the Bible
-To set our budget according to our goals and vision
Additionally, we have desired outcomes for each goal and then strategies that will help us to accomplish each goal over time. These are intended to be on-going strategies that may need to change over time. The main point is that we continually consider the goals as we reassess our strategies.
Each goal will have a team of people responsible for completing or delegating tasks to see it accomplished. You may already be engaged in an area of ministry, but we would ask you to prayerfully consider how you might best participate in one or more of these areas. This does not mean that any or all of our ministries take less importance, but it will hopefully serve as a continual reminder of the purpose/vision for Harmony Church as the main umbrella under which we serve.

Goal #1: To teach people to actively engage in continually worshipping Jesus Christ

Desired Outcomes & Strategies:
-We desire to see people know what worship is
-We will provide in-depth follow-up to teachings on what worship is
-We will promote and encourage D6 families and homes
-We will ensure that our teachers are familiar with a wholistic concept of worship
-We desire to see multiple opportunities for worship engagement
-We will continue to give personal invitations to worship within our congregation
-We will advertise what Harmony Church offers to the community
-We desire to have families and individuals that are intentionally worshipping Jesus Christ on a daily basis
-We will encourage families to set aside time for teaching and participating in worship opportunities in their homes
-We will promote our take-home curriculum for family use

    30-60-180-Day Plan Break-down:

Within the next 30 days we will...
-add “Worship is…” to our Facebook page and church website
-verify with Pastor Chad that worship is covered in the new discipleship program
-have Denise look at the current D6 take-home curriculum to determine if it is appropriate for use
Within the next 60 days we will...
-ensure that the take-home curriculum is approved, printed, and ready for distribution on a weekly basis
-begin including (in our worship services) devotionals, testimonies, and/or mini-skits on how to use the take-home curriculum in the home
-include pastors, deacons, and their wives in a training on what worship is
-create a video that asks people within our congregation what they think worship is
Within 6 months we will...
-provide training opportunities for our current ministry workers on what worship is
-reevaluate the take-home curriculum to measure its effectiveness in the homes
-create a 5-year plan
Within 1 year we will...
-evaluate our ministry team training
-create a second video that asks people within our congregation what they think worship is to be used as a measurement tool

Goal #2: To get people serious about actively engaging in sharing their faith

Desired Outcomes and Strategies:
-We desire to have a written program that encourages people to share their faith
-The pastor and a team will write a program for discipleship training
-We will develop a church-wide evangelistic strategy
-We desire that all members of our congregation have a mentor and become a mentor to at least one person
-We desire to see our church grow as a result of people sharing their faith

30-60-180-Day Plan Break-down:
Within 30 days we will...
-establish a 3-person team to look at and plan a marketing strategy that includes: new signs, a new logo, banners, community presentations, and updated web content
-establish an outreach team of evangelistically-minded people that will focus on outreach events
Within 60 days we will...
-have a written and reviewed curriculum for mentoring
Within 90 days we will...
-train our deacons, pastors, and their wives to become mentors
-set up a program that schedules revivals, door-knocking events, evangelism trainings, and “meal and a message” events
Within 6 months we will...
-ensure that all of our deacons are actively mentoring members of the congregation
-create a 5-year plan
Within 1 year we will...
-start our second generation of mentor relationships
-assess the mentor ministry to evaluate its effectiveness
-change the membership/new believer program
-find an overseer for this ministry to chart the progress of the program

Goal #3: To build relationships in a way that keeps people accountable

Desired Outcomes and Strategies:
-We desire to see small group relationships developed
-We will promote and develop home groups that can share in Bible studies and fellowship
-We will continue and grow our break-out group sessions
-We will develop a better high-school-to-young adult transition
-We will encourage specific men’s and women’s ministry events
-We will encourage a Celebrate Recovery group to start
-We will encourage a foster support group to start
-We desire to see better one-on-one relationships
-We will develop follow-up/mentoring partnerships
-We will encourage mentors to initiate texting, phone, and prayer support of mentees
-We desire to see privately-initiated fellowship activities happening on a regular basis
-We will encourage non church-sponsored game nights
-We will promote private meals for fellowship
-We will advertise non-church outings and events for fellowship

30-60-180-Day Plan Break-down:
Within 30 days we will...
-make a plan to develop Wednesday night breakout groups and assign leaders
-write follow-up/mentor curriculum that includes fellowship activities (see Goal #2)
Within 90 days we will...
-implement the next breakout session that ends in a fellowship group
-plan and promote connection groups for hospitality
-train our leadership in the mentor curriculum
Within 1 year we will...
-develop a plan and train our leadership to implement need-based small groups
-start connection groups for hospitality
-implement mentor curriculum, including text, phone, and prayer support
-create a 5-year plan
Within 5 years we will...
-implement need-based groups for breakout sessions
-create and implement non-church fellowship activities

Goal #4: To get people serious about studying the Bible

Desired Outcomes and Strategies:
-We desire to see our teachers develop a balanced classroom approach
-We will appropriately delegate teacher assignments
-We will teach our teachers about classroom instruction
-We desire to see our members become well-rounded in their biblical world-view
-We will teach our members the balance between academic and devotional study
-We desire to see our people spend time in daily study of the Word
-We will encourage that members participate in our mentoring program

30-60-180-Day Plan Break-down:
Within 30 days we will...
-find who is truly interested in teaching
-outline what is expected of our teachers and form a teacher assessment team
Within 60 days we will...
-assess what tools our teachers need
Within 90 days we will...
-develop a teacher training program and establish an accountability structure
-categorize our teachers by their specialty
-find and establish viable mentors
Within 6 months we will...
-implement teacher trainings for adult teachers and children’s teachers
-develop a teacher helper training program
-create a 5-year plan to include Desired Outcomes #2 & 3
Within 2 years we will...
-implement a teacher helper training program
-promote regular conference attendance by our teachers and leaders

Goal #5: To set our budget according to our goals and vision

Desired Outcomes and Strategies:
The desired outcomes and strategies will be developed as our 5-year outcomes and strategies are fully expressed for Goals #1-4. The budget team will develop this in the next 60 days.
As the outcomes and strategies are fleshed out, the budget team will also develop a strategy to regularly update the congregation on the church’s budget situation

30-60-180-Day Plan Break-down:
Within 30 days we will...
-realign our budget categories
-write a budget adjustment proposal for a mid-year conference assessment
-create a budget team
Within 90 days we will...
-reallocate funds based on mid-year conference
-assess our master plan needs and identify funding needs
-set budget category goals for 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year implementation
-evaluate our spending
-implement a stewardship campaign
Within 1 year we will...
-reevaluate our budget category goals and adjust as needed
-create a 5-year plan

Strategic Plan Oversight & Follow-Through

Each of the five goals will be overseen by a deacon for follow-through and completion. This does not mean that the deacon is responsible for the work, but instead the leadership to pull together the necessary people and resources to see the goals through to their completion. It may be pertinent to quickly form a team that can assist in the goal completion.
Additionally, the deacon overseeing each goal will report back to Pastors Chad and Bryan as needed and will prepare a bi-yearly update that can be compiled and shared with the congregation. Pastor Bryan will ultimately oversee the regular check-ins and meetings, and coordinate the use of any resources as needed.
Gary Nicholes: To teach people to actively engage in worshipping Jesus (Goal #1)
Stan Barron: To get people serious about actively engaging in sharing their faith (Goal #2)
Steve Taylor: To build relationships in a way that keeps people accountable (Goal #3)
Chris Peña: To get people serious about studying the Bible (Goal #4)
Philip Taylor: To set our budget according to our goals and vision (Goal #5)

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