A God Who Is Relational

A God Who Is Relational

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Have you ever stopped to consider how you think about God? Recently, while reading a book on the names of God, something struck me. It is very easy for people to believe in a distant, all-powerful God, while also keeping Him at a distance. It is another thing entirely to believe that God cares for you and desires to be close to you. One is believing in the “concept” of God and the other is believing that God loves you and wants to have an intimate relationship with you.

When we hear of names like Yahweh and Jehovah in the Bible, it can be difficult for us to visualize what those names were intended to convey. The name of Yahweh (otherwise known as Jehovah), as with many other Hebrew names, was given to Moses for a very specific purpose: to proclaim that God is the “self-existent One.” Nothing His creations could ever do would change who He is as God. He is not dependent upon anything in nature or the cosmos in order to survive, because He is the One who will be whomever or whatever He needs to (or decides to) be.

But, He also reveals Himself to Moses as the intimate One. Yahweh desired to dwell among the people of Israel. He wanted to be with His creation in order to develop a relationship with His people. He did not intend to be distant and un-related. And, that same concept bears out in the New Testament when we see the introduction of the name of Jesus. This new name, “Yahweh Saves,” reminds the people that Yahweh is ever-present with His people and exists in the person of Jesus. How amazing is that?! God truly desires to be with His people, and yet, many of us are only thinking about God when we need something from Him.

This week, try to connect with God without needing something from Him. Talk to Him, engage with Him, and listen to Him as you intend to deepen your relationship with Him. In the same way that we cannot develop a deeper relationship with other people without conversation, we also cannot get to know God without conversation. See what happens when you converse with Him!